Vacation Your WayFly Away Getaway
4 Round-Trip Airline Tickets to a choice of up to 35+ destinations including 8 Caribbean destinations and Europe. Each set of 2 round-trip tickets requires the purchase of 1 hotel room, starting at $69 per night, for 3-14 nights depending on destination and departure airport. Or, people who would prefer to drive to their destination can take advantage of the "Hotel Discount Option" for discounted hotels starting at just $19 per night in Orlando! No processing fee. Can make reservations online or by mail. Toll-Free Customer Service.

Increase Advertising Response with our FREE Impact Movie!
Click Here to view our 3-minute Impact Movie (available in 2 or 4-airfare versions). This professional movie supports the Vacation Your Way premium by lending credibility to the airfare offer. The Impact Movie can be emailed to a targeted audience or posted on a website (print ads, direct mail or telemarketing can direct prospects to your website to view the movie). The Impact Movie can be customized with your logo at the beginning and your call-to-action at the end ($500+ customization charge). Contact Us for details.

$50 Meal CreditAdd-On to the Vacation Your Way Airfare Premium:
$50 Meal Credit or $75 Meal Credit

Great Bonus Gift! Valid for any meal at any restaurant while on vacation. Good only in conjunction with our Airfare premium. Excellent cost/value ratio.

$100 Fun Dollars or $200 Fun Dollars
High-Value Bonus Gift!  Valid for any activity of the traveler's choices while on vacation. Good only in conjunction with our Airfare premium.  Surprising low cost.

Hotel StayHotel Stay
3 Days/2 Nights or 4 Days/3 Nights hotel stay at a choice of 90 Ramada type properties throughout the US & Canada within 1 year. With or without a processing fee. With or Without a $50 Meal credit. Toll-Free Customer Service.


Added Value or Stand-Alone Premiums:
$25, $50, or $100 Restaurant Gift Cards valid at a choice of thousands of casual and fine-dining restaurants through the U.S.  Online redemption.

$250, $500 or $1000 Cash Savings Cards offer "instant savings" towards the online purchase of 1000s of competively priced items with very low or free shipping charges.


Customer Rewards
Customized Online Rewards Program, tailored to your needs and price point. Can be a single offer or a choice of gifts, including any of the premiums listed above. Additional offers have included up to $400 Cash Back on 1000s of Resort Condo Rentals worldwide priced from $499